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The Festival consists of 4 PODS with six plays in each POD. Please note:  You can only purchase PODS-- You cannot purchase individual plays. 

s t a n d  | OUT

s t a n d | OUT

Sometimes, a door isn't locked;

It's just stuck in place.

Suitable for most ages


THURSDAY, JULY 25       2:00 P.M.

SATURDAY, JULY 27       8:00 P.M.

SUNDAY, JULY 28            2:30 P.M.

The NewMarket National Ten Minute Play Festival is a Canadian Actors' Equity Association production under the Festival Policy.

Seducing Harry

By Jerri Jerreat

A lonely woman hopes a furnace repairman can restart her pilot light.

Directed by Andrea Houssin

Featuring Bridget Bezanson, James Evans

The Leaves Beneath the Trees

By Steven Eliott Jackson

The president's wife is all that stands between him and a date with destiny.

Directed by Zachary Arndt

Featuring Heather Dick, Jeff Gruich


By Henrika Larochelle & Jay Ritchie

Her face is on the $10 bill; her story continues to make change.

Directed by Zachary Arndt

Featuring Gwyn Beaver, Jeff Gruich, J.D. Leslie

Valse Sentimental

By Wyatt Lamoureux

Hearts skip a beat when they dance to a different drummer.

Directed by Trevor Curran

Featuring Gwyn Beaver, Stephen Ingram,

Daniel Karpenchuk


By Winston Stillwell

A trip to a clothing store provides new meaning to the term "Change Room."

Directed by Andrea Houssin

Featuring Faye Lavin, J.D. Leslie

Nothing but the Tooth

By Jody McColman

In this incisive story, a cash transaction goes hilariously awry.

Directed by Brandon Nicoletti

Featuring Harper Gunn, Bryce Fletch, Alexi Vassos