Photo:  Jason Wighton


Submission window is now closed.  Thank You. 

Over the last few years, I’ve entered a lot of ten-minute festivals and they’re not all equal in terms of their treatment of writers and artists.  One of the things I really appreciate and like about the NNPF is the amount of exposure and support and professionalism you offer the winning playwrights and participating artists.  To me, you really set the standard for what a 10-minute play festival should be-- especially when asking to premiere new work.

James Hutchison, 

Calgary , Alberta.


We at the NNPF are sincerely grateful to the playwrights who honour us by submitting their work for our consideration.  We never lose sight of the fact that all our work is founded upon the characters you create and the words you write.  We are your creative partner, and we thank more and more of you every year—Canadians from home and abroad— for sharing your plays with us.

We invite Canadian playwrights wherever you are to help us celebrate the diverse perspectives that make us all uniquely Canadian.