Wyatt Lamoureux

Janis Luttrell with Peter Cavell

Cecily Smith and Dave Carley

Genevieve Adam

Greg White

Guy Newsham

Chelsea Woolley

Gianna Antonacci

Logan Bales with Jessica Hood

Andrew Lee

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One of our passions at the NNPF is connecting artists with their audience through our playwright’s reading series.  Our 24 festival playwrights are invited to share any of their work—scripts, stories, poetry, essays—anything that provides our audience insights into the themes that drive their play writing.

Each playwright has the opportunity to do one 20 minute reading which coincides with a performance of their play.  

Over the past three seasons, we have had playwrights join us from as far away as Vancouver and Portland, Maine.   Many have stayed several days, attending the readings of other playwrights, viewing their shows, socializing and trading ideas at our Pint and Playwright get togethers, and making connections.  We feel our reading series is vital to the NNPF Festival experience, and we'd like to thank Playwrights Guild of Canada for the many ways they support us  in this endeavour.

Click HERE to visit the playwrights page to learn more about the 2019 authors whose work we produced.