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Matthew Eger, Director, and company of Symphony No. 6 by Melissa Taylor, NNPF 2019.  

Photo:  Jason Wighton


Application to Direct a Play


The Newmarket National Ten Minute Play Festival is looking for directors to direct between 3-4 plays each in this year’s festival which runs July 20-26, 2020.  Director’s responsibilities include the reading of submitted scripts.  The directors will select up to 24 scripts each that they deem worthy of production.  A committee of all directors plus Artistic Director will then collectively read all scripts selected by the directors to determine the 24 that will be produced for the festival. From that list, directors get to choose the plays they are most passionate about.

The vision of the Newmarket National Play Festival is to promote the diverse voices and perspectives of artists from every region of Canada.  To that end, The Newmarket National celebrates diversity of all kinds whether in its casting choices or selection of plays for the festival program.  Directors have a direct say in the choice of plays and determine the casting of the plays they direct.

Those who wish to direct in this festival must be available to rehearse in Newmarket, Ontario, beginning the last week in June through to the end of the festival week..   Rehearsal schedule is yet to be set, but some weekend rehearsals may be scheduled.    An honorarium, based on a profit sharing model, will be paid to directors, actors, stage managers, designers, etc.  In 2017, 2018, and 2019, 100% of all gate receipts went directly to festival participants. 


Total play rehearsal time commitment is approximately 15 hours per play, with each play rehearsal running about three hours.  We cannot guarantee billeting, but can usually support occasional overnight billeting.   Newmarket (just north of Toronto) is readily accessible via public transit (see "Getting Here") and  festival participants can also access our extremely popular ride sharing schedule.

Successful candidates will have a passion for live theatre and a strong belief in the importance of the rehearsal process. Candidates should be good communicators who have previous experience working on a theatrical production team, and have excellent organizational skills.  As these are short plays with little or no set, the director needs to have an active imagination and an aptitude for working in an open space.  This is a festival of plays, so our directors are expected to work in a collaborative environment with the Artistic Director and respective acting companies.  And of course, previous stage directing experience wouldn’t hurt either! 

This is the fourth  year of the NNTMPF, and we continue to build and innovate based upon the rapid growth of our first three seasons.  If you are an individual that gets excited by the opportunity to create in a supportive and cooperative environment, we encourage you to join us for an unforgettable experience in the beautiful town of Newmarket.  Those candidates under consideration will be contacted by email where a live interview or Skype interview will be arranged.  Successful candidates will be notified as soon as the interview process is completed.

  • Your contact information 

  • At least two references

  • Previous directing credits (if applicable) 

  • Links to video clips/articles, etc. (if applicable)




                                                    Resumes should include: